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PA-Ace are happy to provided professional support and consultancy services to various business areas in the areas below. 

Professional Recoveries & Collections Compliance Consultancy 


Supporting business in all compliance matters concerning: Asset recovery policies, procedures, complaints, attitude to risk, regulatory change process, breaches of regulation, general consultancy and relationship management. 


Services May include:


  • Planning and budgeting of projects. 

  •  Benchmarking the required level of work in the sector with the required level of consultancy work to inform decision-making.

  • Appointing other Consultants at the appropriate level and remuneration to support  the principle of competitive tendering for clients.

  • Rendering of professional, specialised and strategic advice.

  • Assisting with implementing / operationalising of projects.

  • The drafting of proposals for the execution of specific tasks. 

  • The execution of specific tasks which is of a technical or intellectural nature.

  • Provision of strategy, asset managment and disposal advise. 

  • Arranging for goods and assets to be recovered and distributed to creditors and organising for a 

    liquidator to sell off a company’s assets

  • Working with banks and following up referrals 

  • Ensuring the company is complying with all financial legal requirements, industry regulations, organisational policies and professional code





From £80 - £250 per day

From £18ph

Minimum 2 hours booking







Event Management & Party Organisation
We can take away the anxiety and stress of organising your party or event. 
Suporting you in your time of need!
We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and discreet service, both in the planning stages and during your event.
Services May include:


  • Development, production and delivery of projects from proposal right up to delivery.

  • Delivering events on time, within budget, that meet (and hopefully exceed)expectations.

  • 1 hour free consultation with you to ascertain your requirements. 

  • Initial concepts to clearing the site we are there overseeing all the details. 

  • We can help with your ideas and inspiration 

  • Establish a Budget for your event

  • Establish a theme

  • Create & Develop risk assessment plans

  • Help you create a themed event 



We offer two options, a standard Hourly rate of £20ph for small intimate events, or a fixed cost [dependand on requirements and size of event]

Office Management & Clean Ups
Running a small business or home office is a very rewarding but often stressful experience. By suppporting small businesses and home offices in clean ups, organistion, managment and control.  We can show you how to take the stress out of paperwork build ups, dealing with bills, debt collectors, and creation of budgets, plans.
Services May include:


  • 30 Mins free consultaion with your to ascertain your requirements.

  • Development of filing systems. 

  • Orgainising unruly piles of paperwork, systemize for maximum efficiency. Use templates automation.

  • System training/development.

  • Clear out your files/office clutter.

  • Create Policies and Procedures.

  • Help update/create a Business Plan

  • Help update/create Marketing Plan

  • Help/Advise on social media. 

  • formulate a strategy to define and solve problems.

  • Help set up and keep good records of your incoming and outgoing revenues, your receipts and other related information.

  • help you set up Risk assessment and training plans.



Small Business 1-5 persons:  one off fee of £80 per day.

£13 ph. 

Free 30 min consultation.


Home office from £13 ph

Free 30 min consultation

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